Customized blends

Blending fertilizers gives you the opportunity to make tailormade solutions for each customer. Not only with regard to N-P-K, but also with magnesium, sulphur and micro-nutrients. By selecting the best building blocks every amount of nutrients per hectare is possible. In this way we can develop crop-specific or even field-specific fertilizer solutions. Based on what the crop needs, supported by soil analysis, Triferto can help to create the optimum composition for each crop and / or customer.

The building blocks are selected on quality, composition and availability. We only use granulated building blocks (no powders) for making our customized blends, to make sure there is a good distribution over the field when using a spreader. With our high performance blenders in Ghent we can deliver every desired solution for the field. By using blends you can save time, money and effort compared to applying several straight fertilizers. Contact us to discuss possibilities.

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