Bagging line for fertilizers

Triferto has 3 bagging units for all kinds of bagged goods for granulated fertilizers. These bagging units are operating fully automatic. Filling the bag, palletizing and putting a seal around the bags is all done by machines. This assures high quality packaging in a uniform way. On a regular basis our sites gets checked by an independant organisation to certify we maintain high quality bagging procedures.

In addition, fertilizers are filled in big bags with 10 big bag filling lines. The bagging units for fertilizers are spread throughout our sites in Belgium and The Netherlands.

Flexibility in bagging

Our products are mostly delivered in bulk. Depending on customers request we use different types of packaging, for example woven polypropylene bags or polyethylene bags. Bagging up can be done in 20, 25, 40 and  50 kilo and in bigbags in 500, 600, 1000 or 1200 kg. Maximum flexibility to fullfill the needs of our customer.

Triferto uses bags with our own trademark, but also bagging in private label bags is possible. Our bagging machines can process every type of packaging. Contact us to discuss possibilities.

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